Our Homemade Ice Cream

With over 150 original flavors, here are a few of our customer favorites!

Come in today and see what flavors we have rotated in!


Mexican Vanilla

Just Chocolate

Fresh Strawberry


Salty Caramel

Kentucky Bourbon Vanilla

Vanilla Caramel Praline

Banana Pudding

Double Shot Espresso

Bumpy Road

Fresh Honeydew

Butter Brickle

Jamaican Rum Raisin

Mint Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Sorbet

Malted Milk Ball

Key-lime Pie

Blue Raspberry Italian Ice

Cherry Italian Ice

Blueberry  Cheesecake

Peanut Butter Cup


Fudgey Cookie Butter

Vanilla Nutella

Sweet Potato Caramel Praline

Pistachio (made with real pistachios!)


Any of our flavors can be custom made into just about anything you can imagine! We love being creative with our customers!


Our Magical Creations are a hit!

The Runover Unicorn

Ice Cream Nachos

The Magical Butterfly

The Mermaid

Our Double Shot Espresso Chip Ice Cream

We use the freshest and finest ingredients to make the best ice cream on the planet!